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A new generation of bisphenol A-free structural adhesives to meet higher environmental requirements High bond strength, high toughness Widely used in the bonding of metal, plastic, glass, ceramic and other substrates
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One-component, UV fast curing into elastic strips Replace silicone foam gasket Flexible and convenient sizing process Suitable for mobile phone waterproof, TV frame sealed shock absorption
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  Since its establishment in 1999, Guangzhou Gutai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing solutions for bonding engineering in the field of electronic assembly. Depending on years of industry application experience, it is now able to provide complete solutions for applications such as: structural bonding, temporary bonding, board placement and protection, chip packaging, potting, thermal conduction and other applications.

  Products include: solder mask, three anti-paint, UV glue, epoxy glue, instant adhesive, acrylic structural adhesive, thermal conductive adhesive and various surface treatment agents. It can meet the mutual adhesion of various materials and self-adhesive, filling, bonding, SMT patch, circuit board coating, cylindrical holding, sealing and other purposes.
  The company's products are widely used in circuit board assembly, motors, home appliances, automobile manufacturing, new energy batteries, hardware machinery, medical and communications.
  As a professional supplier of adhesives, we pay more attention to user application details, and are committed to providing users with tailor-made engineering bonding solutions to grow with users with more accurate, reliable, timely and economical products and services! We are committed to providing tailor-made engineering bonding solutions for users to grow with users with more accurate, reliable, timely and economical products and services!