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Dymax wire positioning and component reinforced UV curing adhesive



Dymax wire positioning and component reinforced UV curing adhesive

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Dymax UV/Vis curable adhesives cure quickly and provide excellent circuit protection. These resins are “cured on demand” and are ideal for manual applications where positioning accuracy and immediate bond strength are critical, such as wire positioning and coil sealing. Dymax component reinforcement and positioning materials are used to bond critical components such as ball grid arrays (BGA) and video graphics arrays (VGA) for auxiliary processes and long-term stability. This type of material can be used to help with shock and vibration in electronic assembly.
UV encapsulation resin reduces waste from misproportionate mixing, free of isocyanates or heavy metals. The potting material can be processed in a few seconds, eliminating the need for fixtures, fixtures, brackets and electronic furnaces, which effectively reduces space usage and reduces total storage costs. UV potting compounds are ideal for shallow component sealing and sealing of connectors, inductors, detectors, capacitors, RF circuits, relay screws, sensors, tamper-proof and PCB seals.


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A new generation of bisphenol A-free structural adhesives to meet higher environmental requirements High bond strength, high toughness Widely used in the bonding of metal, plastic, glass, ceramic and other substrates
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One-component, UV fast curing into elastic strips Replace silicone foam gasket Flexible and convenient sizing process Suitable for mobile phone waterproof, TV frame sealed shock absorption