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Why is the SMT red glue process less and less used?



Why is the SMT red glue process less and less used?

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In the SMT patch processing plant, the solder paste process has become the mainstream process, and as the older red glue process has been used less and less, why is this?
First, the red glue is not conductive, the solder paste can conduct electricity  
We know that the role of red glue is mainly to fix the role, while the solder paste has a fixed effect and is also conductive, and the soldering effect of the red glue does not seem to have a beautiful soldering effect.  
Second, the conditions for the use of red plastic technology are increasingly limited
The properties of red glue are heat-cured, so they are usually used for wave soldering to prevent components from falling. Nowadays, the density between components is getting higher and higher, and the components are getting smaller and smaller. At this time, when the wave soldering is over, it is easy to appear tin and short circuit.
Third, the use of red plastic process maintenance difficulties
We know that red glue is heat-cured and will become very hard after curing. When it is repaired and baked, it is easy to carbonize and maintenance is relatively difficult.
Fourth, the improvement of DIP fixture for solder paste process  
When the red glue process is over wave soldering, the components of the patch are exposed to the outside. At this time, in the high temperature state, some components may be damaged, and the solder paste process has a special fixture, in the case of wave soldering. The part of the patch is blocked, only the pins of the plug-in are exposed, and the components of the patch can be well protected from damage.
Nowadays, electronic products are increasingly pursuing functionalization and miniaturization, which poses great challenges to SMT technology, and the requirements for welding are getting higher and higher. The red glue process cannot keep up with the development of the times due to its own shortcomings. Requirement that the red glue process is becoming less and less used in SMT factories is an inevitable result.


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